Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab 1.6

A programming language for game development

Create your own game based on the programming language specifically dedicated to generating levels, mechanics, and graphics. Multiple types of visual tools are available for creating and customizing applications for personal computers and the Xbox console line. Debugging features are present.

Kodu Game Lab is the perfect application to get children interested in game production the easy, codeless way! Children just have to launch the application, choose a template (or use an empty world!) and create a course for their 'Kodu' character to follow. Adding actions is as easy as using an on-screen horizontal flowchart to customise key press actions, mouse movements and other actions with ease. Once a trigger has been added, just a few more clicks can add ammo, movement and other actions. Kodu Game Lab is built on Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 3.1, the same framework used by the professionals to export to the PC, Xbox and Zune platforms. With Kodu you can have all that power without the complex coding required if you didn't use Kodu.

XNA is compatible also with the Xbox hand-controller so you can have a fully immersive game creating experience.

Created games can easily be uploaded to the Kodu community where fellow Kodu users can also publish their work. With plenty of included lessons, tutorials and sample world to build on, Kodu Game Lab can be used by people of any age and be picked up in minutes.

Christopher Hammond
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any age
  • Strong backend from XNA
  • No code necessary


  • Sometimes not very responsive and laggy
  • Slows Computer down for other tasks (heavy use of 3D engine)
  • Still Primitive
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